XUL Flash JSFL cheatsheet reference

XUL controls

XUL objecteventsattributes
<targetlist> oncreate id value width height flex pathtype
<textbox> oncreate onchange id value label
<popupslider> oncreate id value minvalue maxvalue width flex
<checkbox> oncreate id value label checked
<colorchip> oncreate onchange id value format(hex)
<choosefile> none? id value pathtype required size type width flex
<button> oncreate oncommand id value label flex, width
<listbox> oncreate onchange onsetfocus id width flex rows height
  <listitem>   label value selected
<menulist> oncreate onchange onsetfocus editable width height flex
  <menupop> oncreate onchange onsetfocus id
    <menuitem>   label value selected
<radiogroup> oncreate id value groupbox
  <radio>   label value selected
<flash> oncreate id value src width height
<vbox>   pathtype
<hbox>   pathtype
<label>   value

JSFL xmlui reference

Returns: retrieves the value of the specified property of the current XMLUI dialog box.
Returns: An object that represents the current control item for the control specified by controlPropertyName.
Returns: A Boolean value of true if the control is enabled; false otherwise.
Returns: A Boolean value of true if the control is visible; false otherwise.
xmlui.set(controlPropertyName, value)
xmlui.setControlItemElement(controlPropertyName, controlID)
xmlui.setControlItemElements(controlID, elementItem)
xmlui.setEnabled(controlID, visible)
xmlui.setVisible(controlID, visible)