Lab by Mark Knol

This is an overview of projects, experiments, tools and utilities I've did over last couple years. Most are build for specific purposes, others just for fun. Some are maybe useful and some may not.

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Time calculator Predict curve based on values Tween Easing test tool Online HTML tool Keycode logger Base64 encoder Fetch json api Time/Date display Console.log viewer tester

Generative art

Ribbons / spirals Isometric cats Photo to sketch v1 Photo to sketch v2 Video to sketch Evolve to photo using other picture Circle triangulation Lines drawing (openFL test)


Haxe dependencies tool Online haxe formatter Is up or is it me? API Stats overview Haxe/coconut/bootstrap Haxe/Coconut documentation How to pronounce Haxe FlashDevelop asset collection


All guitar chords Interactive fretboard

TurtleToy coloring tool users overview

Neural network

Neural network calculator Neural network face / age predictor


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